Blood, Black // Leave, Qareen

by [artist]

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Many thanks to my friends and family.

Hidden track on dl.


released November 11, 2011

Music by Matt Gilles (@staymellows)

Artwork by Hattie Stewart (@hattiedoodles)

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[artist] Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Track Name: Blood, Black
coughing black blood
from the back of my lungs.
hell no, i'm never done.
young yearning, i've become
but one
divided mind in a separate place,
traversing the lonely plane-
itself 'coming mundane

and then i see you
and you're flaunting that disgusting face.
you have always been this way
sipping on another's pain,
you snake. in vain, you vampirically sustain
a former side of me i hate.
i'd do anything to change.
i didn't mean for it this way.
she says she cannot stay-
in vainglory, i remain
just to get off to the pain
feel electric 'twixt my veins
collapse my lung, erase my brain-
whate'r i do, i'm still the same.

the way You see is all that you can change
Track Name: Leave, Qareen
i bitch and i moan and i groan so forlorn
i lie and i steal til slander calls me home
where did that wanderlust juvenile go?
how did i let this poisonous side of me grow
into someone i can't handle being with?
"excuse me, you think i could bum a couple of cigarettes?"
blaming other people for vulnerabilities within
tell my inner light that the meat is directing
succumb to the depths of every possible pleasurable habit
bait distractions. engulf me. trade autonomy for choice-
so lost in the noise i could barely hear my own voice

Matt- You're only thinking about yourself.
You're only thinking about yourself