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coughing black blood
from the back of my lungs.
hell no, i'm never done.
young yearning, i've become
but one
divided mind in a separate place,
traversing the lonely plane-
itself 'coming mundane

and then i see you
and you're flaunting that disgusting face.
you have always been this way
sipping on another's pain,
you snake. in vain, you vampirically sustain
a former side of me i hate.
i'd do anything to change.
i didn't mean for it this way.
she says she cannot stay-
in vainglory, i remain
just to get off to the pain
feel electric 'twixt my veins
collapse my lung, erase my brain-
whate'r i do, i'm still the same.

the way You see is all that you can change


from Blood, Black // Leave, Qareen, track released October 15, 2011
Written, Recorded, and Produced by Matt Gilles
(@staymellows, thenumbernine999999999@gmail.com)
Visual art by hattie stewart
(@hattiedoodles, hattiestewart.com)



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[artist] Ann Arbor, Michigan

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